Oh, Who Now?

Have you ever seen a child when they are utterly unhappy?
They don’t hold it in,
Their face turns scarlet, and their smile crumbles into a frown of despair.
Their mouth quivers with angst.
Not before long, their face is drenched with droplets of sorrow.
They have no shame.
They cry it out.
They let it out.
They are not concerned about who sees their tears, but rather about who will dry them up.

Now, these moments are restricted to moments when you’re able to escape an uncomfortable situation;
Moments where your bathroom turns into a labyrinth of despair, a sanctuary of momentary escape.
Your face crumbles into a scrunch of emotion,
But that’s where it stops.
We’re not supposed to let others dry our tears anymore,
Most people don’t see the pain behind the closed door.
We’re not supposed to give into our vulnerability anymore;
Most people just refuse to understand.

We put on yet another mask to hide our despair
I guess this is how we’re manufactured to function now;

Oh, who now will dry up our tears, when we never allow them to flow?


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